Western Aquatech Pools, Inc. is an industry leader in the construction and design of new and renovation aquatic environments, including leisure swimming pools, landscaping, waterfalls and overall backyard esthetics. Western Aquatech Pools builds a diverse range of aquatic design types and is actively involved in sustainable designs that promote developments and technologies to reduce the negative impacts on the environment. Western Aquatech Pools, Inc. objective is to achieve construction excellence during the construction process by creating a quality project, completed on time, within budget, and in a safe work environment.



  1. Swimming Pools

  2. Luxury Spas

  3. Remodels

  4. Landscapes

  5. Water Slides

  6. Fountains

  7. Koi Ponds

  8. Sculpted Rock

  9. Mini Surf Pools

  10. Back Yard Water Parks



We use 3D pool design software that allows us to create a lifelike presentation of your new back yard. There are endless capabilities to create the perfect environment for you.

Pick from over 40 pre designed pool templates or have us create a custom layout for you

Add water features such as sheer descents,

waterfalls, deck jets, bubblers, infinity edges,

and spill overs

Choose every detail of your pool including tile

color, plaster type, choice of decking, lighting

and so much more.

See what your pool will look like before we even

begin as you watch our 3D video presentation.